Stuff My Kids Say (Australia)

Capturing wise words from my two minions

Spa bubbles

Minion1 and I were having a spa over at my soon to be Brother In laws house. Bubbles were flowing up and around the minion and I when she grabbed hold of my arm and leaned in close to ask me something.

“Daddy, can you tell the difference between fart bubbles and spa bubbles?”

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Funstation is educational

Minion1 “Funstation is educational, you can learn about friction.”

Minion1 has learned how to debate logically and persuasively much to my pride and detriment. His approach to arguments has matured and now understand that with a well thought justification I can be swayed. The friction statement was further supported by how to avoid it on slides and the effect of gravity on the speed of descent.
I had put forth an idea to visit the museum, a place to learn and gain knowledge. His argument was Funstation could teach through experience. Well played minion1, well played.

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Awesome people

Minion2 “Awesome people do awesome things, and that is why I am awesome!”

Rather hard to argue with this one, though I am curious as to what awesome things that she has done.

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Always been good

Minion2 “…you have always been good

I was talking to the minions about life and how’s things were going for them. The conversation moved around a bit as I asked them questions and received their replies. After a bit I asked “if I have become a better dad than I was before. Before refers to when I was married and living with them.
Minion2 responded “No…”
At those words my heart fell and sadness started in me. After a
Moment she continued “you have always been a good Dad.”
What began as sadness changed to happiness and pride in minions. So much love in them and I get to share some of it.

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God theory

Minion1 “God theory has its disadvantages”

The minions, BB and I were out having dinner and minion 1 decided to share his thoughts on God. He began as follows: “Hey, Dad, the God theory has its disadvantages.”
“Do tell. This should be interesting,” I thought to myself.
“You know, who invented God if God is God?” he continued.
BB and I listened on with interest but he got caught up in the chicken or the egg. Or in his case, God or God?

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