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I like the idea of God

Minion1 “I like the idea of God”

Minion1 came home from school rather excited but also pensive. I asked him what was going on and he informed me that he was going to be a Media Captain, a school reporter if you will. Pride flushed through me and I thought there is no way he can avoid writing now, after isn’t that what a reporter does? Minion1 then went on to explain that the school stipulates that the Media Captain must obey all the school rules, be a good Christian and follow all the religious teachings religiously. He was miffed to say the least, as he thought that the point of being a Media Captain was to take photos and write-up articles for the school and not sit in church.

I pointed out rather gently that he was attending a Christian School and that they get to make the rules about job descriptions and theological overhead. He couldn’t understand he considered both independent and that he was a good person and by extension that meant a good Christian. I had a chuckle at this and began to ask him what did he think about God and the schools need of worship and belief. He looked rather thoughtful, so I followed up and asked if he believed in God? He paused a moment and looked me in the eye and said “I like the idea of God”. A boy after my heart, a Church does not define how you worship, regardless of the God.

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